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Location: Home Call for volunteers to help grow Neighbour Day in Alice Springs - Wed 1st March 2017

Call for volunteers to help grow Neighbour Day in Alice Springs - Wed 1st March 2017

The Alice Springs Neighbour Day Champions are seeking volunteers to join their cause to help build community strength and cohesion.

Neighbour Day, which has been hosted by Relationships Australia since 2014, is an annual celebration of community held on the last Sunday of March, this year being Sunday 26.


Community advocate, and local Neighbour Day Champion, Jonathan Pilbrow explained that the group has developed an initiative to promote the concept of Neighbour Day through Alice Springs primary schools and aims to give 3500 students a bag of seeds to grow in their own garden or share with a neighbour, with the intent of helping their communities “to grow”.


“A key attribute of Neighbour Day is that it is a community movement,” Mr Pilbrow said, “and we are calling on the community to help spread the word and join in Neighbour Day Celebrations.”


“We have built on an idea from Wellington, New Zealand where communities have planted seeds together to encourage friendlier, fun and safer communities.


“We commonly hear of people not knowing their neighbours, or only waving from a distance, and of busy people and busy lives which never seem to slow down.  Neighbour Day is the perfect day to break the ice and get to know the people who might have just moved in next door or across the street and feel part of your community.


“By encouraging better connected neighbourhoods and more everyday ‘neighbourliness’, we can all be stronger and more resilient. This is the message we want to grow and what better place to start than with primary school children who will build our communities of the future, ” Mr Pilbrow said.


The Alice Springs “Growing our Neighbourhood” seed bags will include a message about the benefits of healthy communities, of getting to know your neighbours, tolerance, respect and understanding.


The organising committee invites as many volunteers as possible to come together to assist in assembling the  “Growing our Neighbourhood” seed bags on Saturday, 4 March from 8am to 12pm, at the Andy McNeil Room, Alice Springs Town Council.  To register as a volunteer please call 8950 4100 or email


For more information on Neighbour Day visit


“The community you want starts at your front door.”




Media enquiries:

Media Adviser, Jeannette Button on 0407 727 080 or

Alice Springs Neighbour Day Champion, Jonathan Pilbrow on 0403 611 815 or

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