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Skill Building Workshops and Information Sessions.

Skill Building Calendar - Darwin

Look our over skill building workshops and information sessions for 2018. Plan ahead using our yearly calendar.

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Exploring Anger with Women - October 19th

This half day skill building workshop will help women make distinctions between anger as a healthy response, anger as an act of resistance or anger as an abusive action. This course provides information and skills on how to control and express anger in order to use anger more effectively and tips on how to listen to what anger is telling you so you can be clear about what changes you are seeking in yourself and others.

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Exploring Anger with Men - November 7th 2018

Do you sometimes regret things said or done in times of frustration or moments of anger? Have people around you commented on the anger you express? Do you find yourself doing any of the following: Getting wound up easily and feeling your ‘buttons’ pushed Getting angry and 'losing it' Call your partner names Punch, kick, throw or break things Withdraw, sulk or not talk (silent treatment). This informative evening talk will provide information and skills on how to control anger, rather than letting anger be in control. It will assist in how to deal with relationship or family issues and how to communicate without having to regret things said or done towards others.

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PREPARE / ENRICH - marriage preparation program

Relationships Australia Northern Territory’s ‘PREPARE / ENRICH Committed Couple Relationship Program’ assists couples at all stages of life to explore their relationship, to learn about themselves, their relationship strengths and areas of potential growth within a supportive and safe environment. PREPARE/ENRICH is a customised couple assessment completed online that identifies a couple's strength and growth areas. It is one of the most widely used programs for pre-marital / pre-commitment preparation and for long term couple relationship enrichment. A specially trained Relationships Australia NT facilitator first meets with you both for a consultation then provides two feedback sessions, based on a your assessment results, during which the facilitator helps you as a couple to discuss and understand your results. This can help you to better understand yourselves, each other and your relationship. The facilitator may also share proven relationship skills with you to work on your potential relationship growth areas and increase relationship areas of strength. The PREPARE/ENRICH program can assist couples to: Identify personal and relationship strength and growth areas Explore elements of each of your personality traits Strengthen your communication skills Resolve conflicts between you and conflicts that you may face as a couple Reduce relationship stress Compare and better understand your family backgrounds Comfortably discuss financial issues Establish personal, couple, and family goals. The PREPARE/ENRICH program is perfect to be accessed by Northern Territory Government employees and their families, including PowerWater and NT Police Fire and Emergency Services, through the use of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), free services.

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Couple Connect - October 25 & Nov 1 2018

Communicating - it should be so easy! But communication is much more than simply giving information or seeking answers. In relationships, effective communication is the way partners connect, and through connection comes closeness, trust and intimacy. This course will provide skills, tools and insights to assist couples to move further towards being crystal clear with each other, discover ways to really enjoy each other and see the relationship last. This fun and interactive group is suitable for all couples at all stages of life. Topics covered will include: Stages of Love Clear Communication Skills & techniques Communication as Connecting Skills Major Blockers to Connection & Intimacy How to avoid and rebuild from these blockers Importance of Appreciation, Caring Actions & Time as Connection skills This workshop is suitable for any person—who is or has been or will be in a committed relationship. Although not a requirement, attending as a couple would be beneficial. By the end of the workshop - 2x 2hours sessions - you can expect to: Have learnt new tools and techniques to bring joy and liveliness into your relationship Know how to deepen the connection and intimacy of your relationship Put into practice communicating calmly, clearly and with emotional connection to both better understand and be better understood - enabling relationships to thrive.

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Bringing UP Great Kids - Nov 8, 15, 22 2018

Be the responsive, caring, role modelling parent or carer that you want to be for the young children in your care. Learn what sort of parent you are, recollect your experiences as a child and make informed choices as to the world you foster for children. The Bringing Up Great Kids Program has been identified as an Evidence Based Program by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services. Bringing Up Great Kids has also been formally evaluated by a leading Australian Institute, finding that it reached its six stated objectives: • Parents will learn more about the origins of their own parenting style and how it can be more effective. • Parents will identify the important messages they want to convey to their children and how to achieve this. • Parents will understand the messages that children communicate to their parents and how. • Parents will discover how to overcome some of the obstacles that are getting in the way of being the kind of parent they would like to be. • Parents will discover ways to take care of themselves and to find support when they need it. • Parents will develop strategies to manage their parenting approach despite the mounting pressures on their time and role.

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