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Skill Building Workshops and Information Sessions.

Skill Building Calendar - Darwin

Look our over skill building workshops and information sessions for 2017. Plan ahead using our yearly calendar.

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Exploring Anger with Women

This half day skill building session will help women make distinctions between anger as a healthy response, anger as an act of resistance or anger as an abusive action. This course provides information and skills on how to control and express anger in order to use anger more effectively and tips on how to listen to what anger is telling you so you can be clear about what changes you are seeking in yourself and others. Exploring Anger with Women will be offered as a half day skill building session twice during 2017 - Thursday 27 April in the morning and then again on Friday 24 November in the afternoon.

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'Parenting Adolescents' An Essential One Night Seminar for Parents, Grandparents & Carers of 10-18 year olds.

Find out how the teenage brain works so you can better respond. This one night seminar aims to inform you of the latest research and tips about your pre-teen and teenager. This will assist you to not merely survive each other, but thrive together as a parent-teenager team. Topics covered include: The ESSENCE of Adolescence (research by Dr Dan Siegel), Developmental stages of the teenager, Why they sleep so much of the time, Internet & social media usage and Communication tips. Suitable for parents, grandparents and carers of 10-18 year olds. Parenting Adolescents will be offered twice during 2017 firstly on Wednesday 21 June and then again on Wednesday 25 October.

'Parenting Adolescents' An Essential One Night Seminar for Parents, Grandparents & Carers of 10-18 year olds. - Read More…

Couple Connect; Creating a Lasting Relationship through Communication & Connection

Communicating - it should be so easy! But communication is much more than simply giving information or seeking answers. In relationships, effective communication is the way partners connect, and through connection comes closeness, trust and intimacy. This course will provide skills, tools and insights to assist couples to move further towards being crystal clear with each other, discover ways to really enjoy each other and see the relationship last. This fun and interactive group is suitable for all couples at all stages of life. Topics covered will include: Respect in Relationships What is LOVE & Stages of Love Clear Communication Skills & techniques Communication as Connecting Skills Major Blockers to Connection & Intimacy How to avoid and rebuild from these blockers Importance of Appreciation, Caring Actions & Time as Connection skills

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Bringing UP Great Kids!

Be the responsive, caring, role modeling parent that you want to be for the young children in your care. Learn what sort of parent you are, recollect your experiences as a child and make informed choices as to the world you foster for children. This interactive skill building course will be run over three day time sessions for parents of young and primary school aged children.

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Building Better Relationships

Learn practical research based skills which can dramatically improve the friendship and intimacy in your relationship and assist you to manage conflict in a healthy and constructive way. If your relationship is a happy one, gain tools to fine tune, deepen and strengthen what you do have, setting up a solid base for any future relationship disruptions. If your relationship is in distress, learn and put into practice skills and tools which repair distressed relationships. Gain a clearer understanding of yourself and your relationship, whatever stage or health it is at and map out a bright future for yourselves, your relationship and your family. The Building Better Relationships workshop, run over 6 weeks, is relaxed, non-threatening and focused on building valuable, life long relationship skills. Join thousands of other couples who have attended relationship skill building workshops throughout all Relationships Australia branches. As a results of this 6 week workshop you will learn how to foster respect, appreciation, trust and closeness, how to strengthen (and even inject fun into) your friendship, how to communicate openly with each other, how to discuss and resolve areas of conflict, how to plan relationship, family and career goals together and how to understand yourself and your partner to better relate to one another. Workshop topics include: Love and relationship styles and dynamics, Kindling or re-building Friendship as the basis of a healthy relationship, Nurturing the relationship and each other, Communication and problem solving conflict resolution skills and Getting closer, building intimacy & sex & affection.

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