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Bringing UP Great Kids!

Be the responsive, caring, role modelling parent or carer that you want to be for the young children in your care. Learn what sort of parent you are, recollect your experiences as a child and make informed choices as to the world you foster for children. This interactive skill building course will be run over three day time sessions for parents of young and primary school aged children. This three session part 2 version of the course covers the topics: Understanding the impact of and practical ways to relieve stress in yourself and child; Exploring children’s behaviour and the potential meanings behind it; Children’s emotional development birth to age 10. Plus much more. *Please note this content differs to the course run May/June and is relevant to both new participants and previous.



5 Shepherd Street


NT 0800

16/10/2017 - 30/10/2017
Number of Sessions:
12:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Days of the week:

All short courses provide general information and skills. Content may not be specific to each         participants’ circumstances.


AU $75 per Person
Concession Cost:
AU $110 per Couple
Payment Details:
Relationship Australia’s policy on equity ensures no person is disadvantaged due to considerable financial hardship. Fees may be negotiated in situation of considerable financial hardship.
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