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Couple Connect

Fine tune how you talk, listen, interact and connect as partners.
Build on and move towards being in a loving, trusting and lasting relationship.

Topics covered include:

  • Relationship Stages and Styles
  • Clear Communication
  • Communication as a Way of Connection
  • Major Blockers to Connection and Intimacy
  • How to avoid and rebuild from these blockers
  • The Importance of Appreciation, Caring Actions and Time as Connection Skills

This workshop is suitable for any person—who is or has been or will be in a committed relationship.  Although not a requirement, attending as a couple would be beneficial.

By the end of the workshop you can expect to:

  • Have learnt new tools and techniques to bring joy and liveliness into your relationship
  • Know how to deepen the connection and intimacy of your relationship
  • Put into practice communicating calmly, clearly and with an emotional connection to both better understand and be better understood - enabling relationships to thrive.


  • 1-hour session weekly for 4 weeks.

Total course duration: 4 hours


$50 per person

$80 for couples

Fees may be lowered in situations of considerable financial hardship.


No more dates for 2019

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