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Feedback from previous course participants

A selection of the feedback and reflections from past course participants



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06:10 PM - 06:10 PM

Crystal Clear Communication (One night session)

What did you find most useful about this session:

“Being able to talk about it openly with partner; a beginning for both of us.”

“Understanding repair attempts and what they are and how to use them.”

“Makes me stop and think.”

“Great discussion.”

“Hearing other people’s experiences. Realising some of my issues are common in  relationships.”

“Simple useful tips for streamlining communication.”

“Open discussion, occasional group discussion/reflection assisted me to understand better what the intended points were.”

“Gave me a different view on how to deal with some issues.”

General comments:

I found it very informative and a great group.”

“Great session. Thank you”

“I found the info generally useful for a “whole of life” approach”

What to do About Anger for Women

What did you find most helpful about this topic:

“Acknowledgement of anger as healthy, natural, useful.”

“Acknowledging anger/it’s purpose/managing it/ finding alternatives. Speaking with other women.”

“Anger is a valid emotion. Tools for productively harnessing anger to achieve positive outcomes. Difference between male and female anger.”

General Comments:

“I obviously have anger issues and want to understand why and how to deal with it all”

“Interesting and funny”

“It gave me an understanding of how to better myself and my situation and was good to hear other women’s experiences and that I was not the only one going through things.”

“The thoughts of the others’ made me think outside of the square and realise there were other contributing factors. I’ve realised my own signals that make me   angry so I can stop.”

“Instead of bottling my anger I will express it after reflecting on why I am angry, not exploding when it all gets too much.”

“Women think and act differently and that’s ok.”

“Please keep offering the course. It was a huge first step for me.”

What to do About Anger for Men

What did you most find useful about this session:

"How to not be over angry and go too far."

"Defining anger and how to respond."

"The underlying emotions from anger i.e. fear, shame."

"Description of anger as secondary emotion."

"The changing of anger to a different emotion."

"How to control my anger. Thinking differently and control."

"Listening to others."

"Learning different ways to try and control my anger."

"Stinking thinking and helpful thinking."

"Discussing anger as an emotion that is natural."

"That I could talk about the matters at hand."

"Trying to find tools to limit the situation."

"Seeing other men with similar problems in communication and expression."

"Learning that I’m not the only person in this situation, other men are going through similar situations."

"To know that anger is natural but how it is expressed can either be healthy or unhealthy."

“Expressions, being able [to] recognise that there are most others who need help too.”

“Learning what to say when certain things anger me.”

“Learning from other participants [and] lecturers/counsellors.”

“Giving us tools to recognise anger growing.”

“Learning the signs of anger before it’s too late.”

‘The information in identifying the other feelings associated with anger and how to deal with them.”

“Makes you examine yourself and your interactions with others.”

"How to recognise the signs of anger and tips to be able to break the cycle,"

General Comments:

“Helps me to understand myself more.”

“Short for time, would have liked more. But I only say that because it was all very good info.”

“I need to change the way I think.”

“Good intro. I would like more.”

“I would like to manage anger in all situations work, family and respectful relationships.”

"Very enjoyable. Felt comfortable."

"Opened my eyes to different points of view."

“We were treated very well as soon as we walked through the door. There was no pre-judging of us. The environment encouraged us to talk about things positively.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself and had a brilliant time but I’m realistic enough to know that I’ve got a long, long way to go. I’ll be back at the end of the month for the 12 week course so save me a spot! On top of that I’m also seeking 1 on 1 counselling.”

“I think personally for me being in a room with other people who have the similar issues was comforting.”

‘It was a good information night and I will choose to continue the course.”

“Want more info on how to deflect negatives instead of holding them in and allowing that to turn to anger.”

“Everything was covered quite well, given the time restraints.”

“…the guys that were in the group made a big contribution to making it enjoyable.”

“…I have to be honest and say I am having a lot of trouble keeping control of my emotions and have been for quite a few years.”

“Delivery and everything was brilliant.”

“It made me more aware of thing I already know so I could be more conscious with my approach.”

“This is good for me has help[ed] me reflect.”

“All the people participated.”

“Great will be back.”

“Terminology easy to understand and presenter engaged participants to ensure their understanding.”

“Well done. It did help me and thank you. Perhaps some more printed material to allow for revision of some of the tips.”

“A chance to re-tell a story and completely get a load off your chest.”

“Look at things in terms of ‘I’ and not ‘you’.”

“Easy to read handouts and good structure to the course.”

In Pursuit of Respectful Relationships

What was your motivation for joining this course:

“To help control anger.”

“My family, wife, children.”

“Happy relationship. Stop abuse.”

“To stop arguing and to be more in control.”

“Through counselling and partner’s unhappiness.”

What has been the most useful thing that you have learnt:

“Noticing dangerous ideas.”

“Everything, especially ‘stinking thinking’ my thought patterns.”

“Dangerous ideas.”

“The cycle of abuse.”

“There are other people struggling with similar issues. Identify why conflict has happened. What abuse is. Empathy.”

“The content, sharing ideas, personal situations. Openness.”

“Recognising my problems and how to get around them.”

“Group of men chatting about similar problems. Cycle of abuse. Dangerous ideas.”

“What I can do to improve my relationship and to persevere.”

“It gave me the tools and ideas to look at relationships differently and to implement different and better ways of being in one.”

What will you remember most from the course:

“The circle of abuse.”

“Stinking thinking, responsibility of own actions.”

“I have a choice and a major role in the dysfunctional relationship.”

“The cycle of abuse.”

“Group dynamics were really good, especially towards the end. Could relate to others so well – in the same boat.”

“Being able to talk about problems and get feedback.”

What benefits do you think participating in the course has had on the way you think or act in your relationship:

“My needs don’t need to come first.”

“A huge benefit in understanding what is the most important in my life.”

“More responsibility.”

“To learn to control the cycle of abuse.”

“Given me an understanding of my/mens' behaviour. Given me some empathy.”

General Comments:

“The course was useful as each week brought a new layer to the topic. This group was quite interesting.”

“I feel more resolute about changing and controlling myself.”

“It was all useful.”

Building Better Relationships (6 week course)

What did you find most useful about this course:

"That the same issues generally arise with most people."

"The knowledge and sharing this and the time with my partner."

"Conflict resolution [and] setting the boundaries for fighting."

“That there was group discussion and outside ideas to listen to; all relationships face challenge.”

“Learning about positive reinforcement. See other couples had similar problems.”

“Identifying communication blocks and how to overcome them.”

“1. It was structured time that made me think and consider my relationships without distraction. 2. I valued the group environment which helped me realise I was not alone and now flawed.”

“Being with other people going through same experiences.”

“Group discussion and exercises.”

“The interacting and sharing of experiences with the other people.”

“Hand-outs and group exercises. Thank you for everything. I found it very good and comforting.”

General Comments:

“Thank you, you were both very friendly and made me feel comfortable in being here.”

“Thank you very much”

“Helped us move through some difficult circumstances and give us the ability to understand each other more”

“You guys are really professional and helpful, made us all feel comfortable”.

“I can use the information to strengthen myself and my role in our relationship. My partner now understands the 4 horsemen.”

“[the facilitators] did a great job of introducing topics and encouraging conversations. This can be very difficult when talking about difficulties in relationships. Well done.”

“Helped us to connect again by being more accepting of each others differences.”

“Great course which I would highly recommend to other couples whether they have issues or not.”

“It has provided me with a toolbox to apply to relationships, intimate and otherwise.”

“Most of the information gave me ways of viewing the relationship or in dealing with common relationship situations.”

“Found it quite enjoyable

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