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Location: Home How to survive Christmas

How to survive Christmas

Our lead counsellors provide some holiday season tips

How can I survive Christmas alone if my children are with the other parent?

Barry's Advice

Have phone or skype contact with your children if this is possible (you may already have arranged this with the other parent). However if this is not possible, remind yourself of happy times you have had with them. Focus on the happy times rather than feelings of missing your children. If loneliness is likely to be an issue, arrange to spend some time with friends. Resist the temptation to deal with loneliness by drinking too much– it usually only makes things worse.

Renate's Advice

Prepare and plan – even if it means writing a list such as: make social plans, be a volunteer at a shelter, call an old friend, appreciate quiet time or play loud music, binge watch Netflix’s, enjoy uninterrupted time on a hobby, have a sleep in, paint, draw, write a poem, invite your neighbour in for a coffee, try out that  recipe the kids would not want to eat.

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Belinda's Advice

Remember that the hardest part will actually be before Christmas day!  It’s before that you’ll be thinking about how awful it will be without them, how you’ll miss them and all the activities that you usually do together. If you do this grief work before the day, Christmas day itself actually won’t be too bad. Set yourself up for to do something extra special for yourself for the day… simple as sleeping in, staying in you PJ’s, drinking coffee and reading all day….things you don’t normally get to do.

    What is the meaning of Christmas?

    According to Renate

    For some, past Christmas experiences have been wonderful and for others its not so great - take the opportunity to create a new exciting happy memory this Christmas to reflect on in years to come!

    According to Belinda

    Christmas is a time for bringing love to mind for all those that are special to you and a time to spread that love back out to all others in the world through thought or deed. Eat yummy food and laugh with friends and your family-of-choice (even the four legged variety). Rest with a full belly of gratitude.

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