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News and Events from the last 6 months
National Redress Scheme
3 July 2018 Relationships Australia NT will provide support to anyone who has experienced sexual abuse as a child under 18 years in any institution or school as apart of the National Redress Scheme.
Report identifies change in approach required for trauma-affected youth 28th June 2018
Relationships Australia NT has issued a report this week detailing an independent evaluation of their services offered to young people affected by the Royal Commission with the aim of sharing key learnings across the sector.
40th Anniversary Territory Day
On 1 July, 1978, the Northern Territory was granted self government. This year we celebrate 40 years of being the NT we know and love.
Alice Springs Beanie Festival
This year marks the 22nd the head and heart warming Alice Springs Beanie Festival.
To Stay or To Go?
On again off again? Or do you at times want to leave the relationship but don't, so never really committing to it fully?
Rebuilding After Separation or Divorce
A 6 week course to: deal with the past, look at yourself as you are now and plan and prepare for what future possibilities may hold.
Exploring Anger with Women - Darwin April 10th
Do you find you push down feelings of resentment? Agree to things you don’t want to? Say or do things in anger you later regret? This half day workshop will assist women to make distinctions between anger as a healthy response; or anger as an act of resistance; or anger as an abusive action.
Alice Springs sows the seeds of strong neighbourhoods 11th March 2018
For the past two years, Alice Springs community groups and local volunteers have teamed up with the town council to fill 3500 packets of seeds that they share with local children in school assemblies to spread the message of Neighbour Day.
International Women's Day 2018 - 8th March
How can women push for progress, wage parity and gender equality?
Bringing Up Great Kids - Darwin March
The years fly by so fast, before you know it your toddler is entering middle school. Don't let time pass you by without truly reflecting on what it means to be a child, what it is that you are passing on and the up-skilling as a parent that could improve your whole household.
Understand Your Teenager
The teenage years can be a tumultuous time - for all involved. Understanding your teen or pre-teen's behaviour and what exactly might be going on in their brain can be a relief and really very useful for parents, grandparents and carers.
Everyday should be Valentine's Day
If modern Valentine’s Day is about showing your loved one that they are truly loved by you, then wouldn’t that go down well every day?
Exploring Anger with Men - Darwin February 13
Do you sometimes regret things said or done in times of frustration or moments of anger? Have people around you commented on you being irritable or on the anger you express? Come along to this relaxed and friendly information and skill building session.

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