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Location: Home Build-Up stress is something to talk about Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Build-Up stress is something to talk about Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Are you feeling the stress of the Build-Up? or maybe even experiencing a bit of Mango Madness? According to Relationships Australia Northern Territory feelings of stress and anxiety as we move into the Wet Season and Christmas are not in your imagination and are very real for many people living in the tropics.

“International studies have well documented the effects of tropical heat on physical and mental well-being. Our own statistics also show that there are more relationship breakups and a higher risk of suicide at this time of year,” says Chief Executive Officer Marie Morrison.


“Anecdotally we know that this is a period of time when many Territorians feel the stress of isolation and separation from family and friends. As we move into the holiday period people are conscious of living a long way from loved ones, of the extra costs associated with Christmas and for some, the separation from family members through family breakdown.”

To help people prepare for the hot months ahead Relationships Australia NT will be holding a free pop-up stall in the Smith Street Mall this Friday and are encouraging people to come along to share a snack, meet their counsellors and “tell me about it”.

“We want to let people know that they there is someone to talk to if they are experiencing stress or anxiety. All too often counselling services are seen as something clinical, we want to create an easy way for people to ask for support.”

“Tell me about it” is a fresh approach to engaging with people who are facing challenges in their personal and work life. The campaign features a cartoon styled fruit bat, camp dog, owl, crocodile and echidna as a fun invitation for counselling, employee assistance and workplace mediation.

“Dealing with the Build-Up is tough enough for everyone let alone people experiencing problems in the workplace or at home,” Ms Morrison said.

“We believe that everyone is entitled to positive, supportive and healthy relationships, sometimes we just need some assistance in working out how to achieve it.”

Relationships Australia Northern Territory will be in the Smith Street Mall this coming Friday, 29 September offering free “Tell me about it” snacks, introducing their fun mascots and offering some helpful tips on dealing with stress and anxiety, particularly in the months ahead.



“Tell me about it” pop-up stall Friday 29 September, 12 – 2pm, Bennett Street end of the Smith Street Mall, media welcome.

For more information:

Media enquiries: Jeannette Button on 0407 727 080,

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