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Location: Home Exploring Anger with Men - Darwin February 13

Exploring Anger with Men - Darwin February 13

Do you sometimes regret things said or done in times of frustration or moments of anger? Have people around you commented on you being irritable or on the anger you express? Come along to this relaxed and friendly information and skill building session.

Do you find yourself doing any of the following:

  • Getting wound up easily and feeling your ‘buttons’ pushed
  • Getting angry and losing it
  • Call your partner names
  • Punch, kick, throw or break things
  • Withdraw, sulk or not talk (silent treatment)

This session provides tips and skills

  • on how to control anger, rather than letting anger be in control
  • in how to calmly deal with relationship or family issues
  • communicate without having to regret things said or done towards others

This session will be offered twice during 2018:

Semester 1: Tuesday 13 February 6.00pm-8.00pm

Semester 2:  Wednesday 5 December 6.00pm-8.00pm

Venue:  Relationships Australia NT  5 Shepherd St Darwin

Cost: $75

Bookings are essential.  To secure your place in this popular session phone Darwin Reception on 8923 4999 or email

Please note: All short courses provide general information and skills. Content may not be specific to each participants’ circumstances.                   Fees may be lowered in situations of considerable financial hardship.

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