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Healing Our Children Project

Our aim is to intervene early to prevent children’s exposure to violence, which has been shown to have long-term impacts on brain development. Many problems with behaviour, thinking, emotions, learning, memory, relationships and health can be prevented by protecting our children in the first 1,000 days of life. Now there’s a new way you can support our work. We have made available some mind-blowing resources to help you in your work and help us spread our message! “Care for your baby’s brain, just like you care for your country.” Phone enquiries: 08 8923 4999.
It Takes A Forest To Raise A Tree: Healing Our Children from the Storms in their Lives
RANT’s Children’s Therapeutic Team worked alongside Aboriginal Child and Family Support Workers to find ways of inviting women into safe and non-blaming conversations which explore the effects of trauma on children, with a particular focus on harm to the growing brain. A talking tool was developed, which takes the metaphor of a tree (from narrative therapy) as a pathway to talk about what trees need to grow strong and healthy, the effects of storms on trees and ways they recover after storms have passed.
HOC Resources
By purchasing clothing or merchandise you can support us to employ local women in Wurrumiyanga, Pirlangimpi and Milikapiti, expand our work in Palmerston and Katherine and spread our message and help prevent children’s exposure to trauma through domestic and family violence.

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