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Redress Scheme Support Services

The National Redress Scheme provides support to people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse. Relationships Australia NT is a National Redress Support Service provider. We provide a free and confidential support service for people who are considering applying or want to apply for the National Redress Scheme. If you experienced sexual abuse as a child under 18 years in any institution or school (including sports club, scouts, orphanages, foster care, religious organisation, group home or club), and would like to apply for redress, we are here to assist.

National Redress Scheme Fact-sheets

Click here to view fact-sheets on the National Redress Scheme
This fact sheet gives a brief introduction to the National Redress Scheme.
Institutional Child Sexual Abuse
This fact sheet provides a definition of institutional child sexual abuse. You may find the content distressing. If at any time you would like to talk to a professional with experience in trauma, please contact Relationships Australia NT.
Get Free Help To Apply
This fact sheet gives information on how to get support to apply to the National Redress Scheme.
What You Can Apply For
This fact sheet has information on what people can apply for from the National Redress Scheme.
Who Can Apply
This fact sheet gives information on who can apply to the National Redress Scheme.
The Application Process
This fact sheet gives an overview of the National Redress Scheme application process
Filling In The Application
This fact sheet gives information about making and submitting an application to the National Redress Scheme.
How Your Application Is Considered
This fact sheet has information on how your application will be considered.
Responding To An Offer Or Asking For A Review
This fact sheet has information on how you can respond to an offer of redress or a letter that says that your application for redress has not been approved.
Using And Protecting Your Information
The National Redress Scheme legislation sets out how your information is protected. There are strict rules about how the information in your application can be used. People who use or share your information inappropriately can be gaoled or fined
Information about the Redress Scheme for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse
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